Get the Best Solutions for Your Business

ATP Consult UG is a group of international business consultants with many years of experience in small and large business. As a part of the European Consult Group, We can be Your top partner that create and develop Your business plans.


We can offer a full business management for You as a best solution at the future new market. Our services include conducting audits (strategic, logistic, etc.), analyses (financial, strategic, etc.), preparation of plans (business plans, financial plans, etc.), corporate valuation, development of strategies (marketing, financial, and general), as well as direct counseling on strategy implementation..

  • Conducting audits, strategic analyse, financial preparation and plans its not the only one from Our best sides
  • We give a ready trade companies that You can Buy and with easy step be on the wanted market
  • We create a strategy for Your business plans across whole Europe- special in East Europe

We can provide our clients with non-standard services designed to fit their specific needs. Our services are carried out by our team of specialists. In industries such as construction, energy, economic or logistic together with excise duty We are a pioneers. Here you can count on professional help that will allow you to grow your business..

  • Assistant in the development of the company into new European markets
  • We open for You a company or Branches in each part of the europe and give you a best service for your business
  • We provide You a best services for the legal advisers and accountants in whole Europe
  • We create Your strategy in to new business plans and provide You a best employees for Your develop

With Us, your business plans will be realized!

It is supported by goals - that is, what the company wants to achieve, and tactics - that is, by what steps and tools it will use. It is the strategy that lets achieve significant, sustained advantage over competitors. A good strategy should be like a bespoke suit - closely matched to the nature of the industry and company.

Our team is ready for you!

It must be based on comprehensive information, be coherent and consistent. Strategy should be known to
everyone at the company – from a low-level employee to the president.

Experience, stability, confidence and success is our motto

The key issue is the ability to involve the customers, employees and partners in a comprehensive process of service and product sales. Thats Why We must give You a best servise with the people that can succsess provide You.